Stagescripts 10@10 Quest for 10 unsung plays by living UK-based writers

As part of our 10th year of operation as an independent publisher and licensing agent for play and musicals, we seek to uncover 10 plays which have had at least one professional production and which deserve to be championed for a further life.

We share Paul Miller (Orange Tree Richmond’s) recent reflection that “we treat plays and playwrights a bit like single-use plastic… we should be better at recycling and reusing”
[Evening Standard, May 2018].

David Waters, our founder and managing director said, in launching this search:
“We honour the new work festivals, the awards for commissions and first-time production, and everything done to allow new playwrights to have their work brought to life for the first time, but we want to make sure these works are not consigned to the bottom drawer or treated “like single-use plastics.”. I am seeking to find 10 plays which tackle universal themes, demonstrate the potential for multiple productions and licenses in the future and are by writers who seek to develop and deliver stage plays for popular and larger audiences now and into the future.”

Please note that submitting a play script will not guarantee you a place in the Stagescripts catalogue. By submitting to the quest, you demonstrate to us your interest in the quest, and should you be successful, you also demonstrate a serious intent that you are willing and able to enter into contractual discussions in the event that we decide to start such a discussion.

A team of freelance producers and directors have volunteered to review the scripts carefully, and using their knowledge of the industry, will form an opinion as to its commercial viability as a publishable and reproducible piece of theatre.

Here are the rules...

a) Pre-selection requirement:
NOTE 1: What defines a 'previous professional production'? Simply this: a theatrical production (in quality and time and profile), with professional paid actors and creatives, for a run in front of a paying audience. The theatre will have been a recognised professional theatre or theatre producing company (rather than the author’s own hired space).

NOTE 2: What defines 'publication'? A play which has been professionally produced may have, as part of the producer or theatre's deal an, arrangement whereby a printed script/programme or a limited edition of the script for foyer and specialist sale was produced. Under these circumstances, a play will still be eligible for the Quest, if at this time, the rights are not assigned to any publisher/rights holder - even if there are a few copies of the printed script in circulation. If however the original printer holds the rights to the play, then it will fall outside the eligibility of this Quest.

b) The online submission will include: c) Stagescripts offer to the selected 10 plays is:

d) The final decision on the selection of the 10 plays will be made by Stagescripts Ltd taking into account the views and opinions expressed by the reading panel. There will be no appeals mechanism.